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August 04, 2014



The Hebrew calenders you saw are probably left to right for practical reasons. I have seen some which are RTL. Usually, the calendars cover a Hebrew year with some slack (so roughly August-October), but each page covers a Gregorian month and the Hebrew dates and holidays are marked, but are smaller than the numbers. This is probably because most people use the Gregorian calender for almost everything, so having the numbers go from left to right also makes sense (although, again, I have seen counter-examples).

Incidentally, you could complicate it even more if you added actual support for alternative calendars, such as the Hebrew or Islamic calendars. You would have different year and month names, different month lengths, supporting dates as letters instead of numbers, etc. In the Hebrew calendar, for instance, each third or fourth year has 13 months (the months are lunar, so you wouldn't need your lunar chart, because the moon is always full in the middle of the month, but that requires adding the month to prevent drift from the solar cycle). And this month is added in the middle of the year (it was the end of the year in one of the alternative ways of looking at the year, but that's not really used any more, so now it's the middle of the year).

Jan Miksovsky

Yair: Thanks for the insight into Hebrew calendars! For the initial implementation, I made a deliberate decision to focus on Gregorian calendars. My assumption is that most businesses supporting users in multiple languages/countries would end up standardizing on the Gregorian calendar. It would be fantastic if someone wanted to improve or extend these components to support non-Gregorian calendars. The Globalize library actually seems to have pretty good coverage of most calendar systems, including the Hebrew and Hijri (Islamic) calendars, so that might be a big help in implementing support for those calendars in these components.

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