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December 08, 2011



Actually, I just looked at the Windows list of sounds that are enabled by default in Windows 7. I found 9 sounds for positive reinforcement, 7 sounds for when something is wrong, and 3 neutral sounds (default beep and the like), so the ratio seems pretty balanced to me.

Jan Miksovsky

BZ: Fair enough... I should have counted the rest! I still maintain that, in general, UI designers have tended to treat sound more as something to draw a user's attention to a negative situation than a positive one.

Marcus Downing

Recording sounds specially is beyond the scope of many small software houses. Is there a good, open collection of event sounds that can be used legally?

Jan Miksovsky

Marcus: What a great question. I don't know, actually; when I checked a number of years ago, I couldn't find one, and ended up hiring a sound designer. All the hoopla about web fonts has given attention to efforts like Google Web Fonts and TypeKit, but I'm not aware of a corresponding effort for sounds.

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