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October 31, 2011



FYI: Your link to the main QuickUI catalog is broken. It should be: http://quickui.org/catalog/

Jan Miksovsky

Aaron: Hmm. I assume you're talking about the link at the bottom? That works for me on Windows and Mac in a variety of browsers. (Apache should be mapping /catalog to /catalog/) Rather than just fixing the link, I'd like to try to understand why this is happening. Can you mail me at [email protected] and confirm which link you're talking about and which browser you're using? FWIW, it'd also be helpful if you could try refreshing your cache, as I recently changed the default page for the /catalog directly.


Following up on the QuickUI link above: The URL in the html is: http://quickui/catalog. On Win7 Chrome, the needed ".org" isn't automatically added.

More substantially: Your next "UI of the week" is really a great example of the flexibility of this particular control (and this approach in general). Well done!

Jan Miksovsky

Jeff: Ah, that's it! As it turns out, on my dev boxes I have http://quickui pointing at a local copy of http://quikckui.org. So the link would work for me -- but only for me. I was so focused on the trailing slash, I didn't even notice the incorrect domain name. Thanks for pointing that out.

And thanks for the nice words about the follow-up post! I'm often pleasantly surprised how elegantly things work out in this framework.

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