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July 05, 2011



As many usability experts note, people scan rather than read online. This is why I think that web design is in many ways a different skillset than print design and that finding ways to minimize the amount of cruft onscreen really can help out. Bad design is why I think that a lot of companies are shooting themselves in the foot. Rather than devoting a bit more money to create designs that convert well, businesses are spending more money than necessary on Google or Facebook ads. This has led to a whole industry of companies listed at www.buyfacebookfansreviews.com that help businesses get Facebook fans or other similar advertising companies, but with good design people would have a lot more success on their own. I think that a lot of it can be traced down back down to ego. I have seen designers come up with effective sites over and over again that continuously get overruled by an executive that thinks he knows what he's talking about. Leave the design to designers and the executives can just go surf the web all day long for all I care.

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