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May 06, 2011



I remember the great video of a 2 year old using the original MacPaint. He could use the mouse to draw. But in order to clear the window, he didn't know about File > New. Instead, he turned off the Mac and back on.

Day Barr

I had a colleague who told me about his Mum who'd bought a digital camera, shortly after they hit the mass market several years ago. A few months later they were chatting and he asked her what she thought of it. She said, "Oh it's great but the film is a little expensive". Understandably confused, he probed further and sure enough found a drawer full of "used" 256MB Compact Flash cards.

Jonathan Barner



The ultimate circuitous path is creating an Excel spreadsheet but calculating sums with a calculator and typing them in, rather than using formulas. I've seen it done. By smart people.

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