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December 20, 2010


Grant Richins

Please somebody give us a hint. I'm well over the 45 minutes, and I guess this proves why I'm never in these puzzle games.

Jan Miksovsky

Grant: No worries! The Game always had a Game Control group offering live hints, and there always plenty of teams that needed the help for any given puzzle. (So the 45 min. limit here *includes* the time for a team to solve the puzzle with hints of increasing helpfulness.) And puzzles like this tend to yield more quickly to group efforts, where more perspectives leads to more ideas on how to start (point #4 above).

Anyway, to speak as Game Control here, I might start by offering:
* Each individual "word" above can be split into two parts.
* The title includes a pun.

Grant Richins

OK, thanks for the tips, but sadly they got me nowhere! Maybe if I was better at puns... I'm still stuck on point #4. For the record I have found several different ways to spilt the words: Upper-Lower, vowels-consonants, letters in the title, letters in the other line, but none of those yield a useful result. I've tried it as an anagram, a shift cipher, and mixing all of the above.

Game Control, more help please.

Jan Miksovsky

The following page will help: http://bit.ly/g7BFcs. With that in hand, everything should add up nicely.

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