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July 12, 2010



Hey Jan, isn't this the case that people are averse to change?

It seems on this study you showed something that was different from what the test user was used to, so he just start to name (random?) visual elements why he liked his thing best. Once he let the emotions go, he could rationalize it and really make a practical comment about the design.

Account Deleted

Gosh, why I've read this...

Jan Miksovsky

Marcelo: Yes, I think aversion to change is indeed a factor that comes up in these situations -- that is a designer often has to make a paternalistic decision to make a substantive change to a product's design toward some long-term end, despite resistance from users in the short term.

That said, in the design point described here (color-coding in Month view), I've also heard the same request from existing Cozi users. Those users weren't reacting to something new; they were asking for an improvement to something they were already quite familiar with. So aversion to change isn't the only cause of feedback like this.

Bill Kuhn

Isn't paternalism in design what's brought us the recent troubles with the new iPhone? And isn't the Apple paternalistic UI exactly what this study is contradicting with Cozi's own paternalism?

I guess I'm confused about who's my daddy

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