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January 10, 2008


Peter H.

Very interesting as usual.

I would be curious to know if you *have* found a decent podcast player.

I limp along with my Sansa Rhapsody device aided by iPodder ... but this suffers from a number of items you mention (not being able to delete from the device) as well as some other nifty problems like having the podcasts interspersed in with the music so you have to really hunt around (while driving) to find that podcast you grabbed before leaving the house.

iPod had better Podcast support, but since making the switch from purchased music to subscription it feels silly to use iTunes/iPod just for podcasts.

Astonishing someone hasn't made a market play for the consumer-friendly podcast service/device given (1) the number of great and professional podcasts avaialble now, and (2) the massive amount of time Americans collectively spend commuting each day.

Haven't found a better device, and curious if you have ...

- Pete

Tim Hall

Another fatal flaw, is with Windows Media Player itself, when synchronizing, it deletes last meaning it gets its knickers in a knot when it runs out of space.

I don't have a Zune myself (but id definitely prefer it to a iPod, which i hate with a passion, i just with Rio didn't go out of business after i bought my Karma, which i adore). But that is the experience i had with the Creative PMP my dad had, and he said it was the same with the zune.

Of course if you show me ANY piece of technology and i will point out a dozen flaws that infuriate me (even my beloved Karma).

David Hayes

Interesting review, thanks! I'm pretty sure I'm going to switch from iPods (I have 3) to a Zune when version 3 comes out. I'm becoming increasingly annoyed with iTunes, it seems to be gaining more bugs with each update and the recent Safari 'update' fiasco didn't help.

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