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June 03, 2007



A couple minor ideas.

What if, for those who don't allow anonymous usage of their services, you have the user sign up with email and name, and then they have a grace period in during which they can use their account without confirming it, and just confirm when they next happen to check the their email. That could ease the process a little more.
There are problems with that of course. Giving spammers the grace period defeats the purpose of a confirmation in those cases where confirmation is a preventive measure.

In the Geni example, what if they combined the Add and Agree to Terms into the same button? That would necessitate puting a link to the terms, but I don't think that would be a problem

Box Spanner

In compensation for the easy signup, they've created a site that's totally unusable without Javascript and Flash - you can't even view the home page. So this site combines a "best of" and "worst of" on the same page.

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