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March 18, 2007



This is my favorite Outlook feature. I also like their selection of reminder time, where the drop-down clearly marks what you can type for durations ("15 minutes", "4 hours", etc.)

Micro-grammars - and free-style text searches, like the Vista Start Search - are probably less convenient in languages like Chinese, where typing is more difficult in general.

Alexander Groß

Actually Photoshop has a little inconsistent UI: When you add a guide you can enter data like "50%", "10px" and "10cm" into the textbox, actually there's not even a combobox letting you specify the unit.


Who schedules appts on Jan 1? Musicians, entertainers, party venue staff, just off the top of my head. It isn't a lot, but some industries do work holidays to entertain the rest of us.

Thomas Tallyce

> Any attempt to optimize a micro-grammar for the nuances of one natural language will, of course, complicate matters if and when the need arises to localize the UI for other languages.

Isn't that an argument for getting some of that stuff into the core OS? Is a spacing control such an uncommon thing, or could one not imagine Windows supporting this generically?

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