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January 23, 2006


Damien B

It's not that new. For years we have had some devices accepting MS and CF. And don't forget one of the leading markets for Sony, Japan, where the trend is on MS-Duo and mini-SD. So, right now, it's not obvious that people want to use SD all over the world.


The issues for me:
* Way too expensive when compared to the alternatives.

* Did Sony license the readers early on? Either they didn't, or no one stuck a reader into their devices other than Sony.

* Memory Stick, Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick Pro, Memory Stick Pro Duo? How many do we have, and apparently, some aren't backwards compatible with others?

* Lately- wouldn't it be nicer if my TV just had a wireless connection and a small amt of built-in memory so that I could put pictures, etc, to it? Or wifi and it could read things off my share?

Damien B

Bob, everything was licensed. They tried to put a non-Sony organization behind the Memory Stick, but it was a failure. But if you look the devices today like photo-printers and PCs, all of them that have an integrated flash-memory reader are able to read the 3 major formats (CF, SD/MMC, MS). Right now the most painful format is xD, not MS.

Lyn Coffin

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