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December 06, 2005



You can use photoshop, (alt) printscreen adobe->file->new->ok->paste->select part of image->crop->save for web (4x4) 70%

probably overkill to use photoshop, but it's 20sec of work.


Have you seen MWSnap? http://www.mirekw.com/winfreeware/mwsnap.html

Haven't needed anything more in 3 years i'm using it.


Hmm I prefer GIMP for taking screen shots, mostly because as soon as I take the shot, the next thing I'll be doing is labelling it so the user will know what bits I'm referring to in the commentry that follows.


Also have a look at Gadwin Printscreen:

Max Howell

Great utility, thanks for the link. I notice however it's yet-another application that uses the notification-area instead of the taskbar for no good reason I can discern. Otherwise it's the perfect way to take shots of particular screen regions. Smart.

Brian Scott

Thanks for the link. I've actually been reading your blog for 3 or 4 months now. It was nice to see someone on my start.com page mention Cropper.

Max, I will look at adding an option of taskbar or notification icon in a future, hopefully next, release.

Cropper is still pretty much the app I wrote for my personal use out of need. The current version I am working on includes a lot of the feedback and requests I have recieved over the last few months.

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