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November 07, 2005


Christian Heindel

I doesn't work for international users. I come from Germany and would have needed sth. like "14.02.2005" to quickly recognize the right format. (I think the dots are the important thing here...)

But one could detect the preferred browser language and use it to be much smarter at this point.

Nonetheless it is nice that they ask for the format. They show they care about you.

Phil Wilson

Well, presumably the fact that it's not in German in the first place is a giveaway that they're mainly differentiating for English-speaking countries (presumably the US and the UK), but the slashes are common across western Europe.

I really love this way of selecting the date.

Tyler Klein

Here is a slick one for you. I saw a demo given by the MSFT User Experience Designers on Halo. One of the problems they had was determining what direction is "up". It turns out that about half of users expect pushing down on the control pad to look up and half expect pushing up to look up. So at the outset of the game, they allow the user to "test out" their weapon by shooting a target just above their cross-hairs. If the user naturally presses down, then down becomes look-up. If they naturally press up then up becomes look-up. Either way, the user never knows that they set a preference, and the system responds as they expected it to.

Jan Hoek

Even though the most common date separator in Holland, where I live, is a dash, I instantly recognized the dd/mm/yy format. It seems the Germans are more attached to their dots than the Dutch are to their dashes... ;-)


OK, It's a cool idea. But where's the question mark.


East-Asian people use 2005.02.14. And let's not forget the various lunar calendars...


And then there are the weird Americans (like me) who use 2005-Nov-30 or 2005-11-30.


It looks like "mypimp" goes to a different address... that's too bad, because it's only "borderline offensive" if you're looking for things to be offended by.


This looks like an interesting blog, however I am unable to subscribe to the RSS feed. The error (from newsgator -- complete): "Invalid URI: a port was expected because there is a colon present but the port could not be parsed."

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