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November 08, 2005



I'm just curious - what brand of cell phone do you have? (just so I can keep far far away) My Sony Ericsson has a just fine UI for Java apps (it asks if you want to install "the application", and then asks if you want to save it in the "Applications" or the "Games" folder, which are easy to find - the Games is in the top level icon, Applications is in the File manager where you access your photos music and video, and you can also map either of the folders to a shortcut key)

Mike Hearn

Yes, Sony Ericsson phones have a generally excellent UI (not just for app installation). They seem to pay great attention to their GUI and hardware UI in general. I've been very impressed with mine - too bad they have such low market share worldwide (in the UK they're everywhere though).

MIDlet is a stupid unpronouncable term meaning "mobile information device-let". Yep. Sun doesn't call them cellphones. Oh no. That might exclude some wacko device that has exactly the capabilities of a phone but isn't.

As to why it doesn't take info from cell tower locations, well, J2ME doesn't let you access that information. So they don't have any way to program such a thing.

-mike (who has done J2ME development before)

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