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September 22, 2005


Carl Manaster

> Most of the time, the LCD displays a power transmission diagram...

On my Prius, most of the time, the LCD is off. To me, that's been the best part of the car's UI - you can use it fine without any attention to the technology. It works, as it were, "just like a car." And the fancy power flow diagram provides entertainment for passengers - so far everyone has wanted to see it.


I have a prius too and keep the screen on so I can use my radio/audio too. The thing that gets me is that to access the audio screen, you have to push the stupid round button labeled "audio"! So the 1 step process becomes 2 with the addition of the LCD screen. Hope future LCD encorporations will be more thoughtful.


Also note that the buttons are not the actual names of the stations themselves, but the numbers beside them. Apparantly one has to keep the numbers from the old design too. :)

"As LCD prices drop to the point where they approach the cost of physical hardware buttons, LCDs will crop up absolutely everywhere."
I work for a scientific equipment manufacturer, the current fad is to replace front panels with an interface to a PDA, which basically runs a small scale version of the full control software than normally runs on PCs. So LCDs may not be the next step.


i, too, have a prius, and i also keep the LCD screen off most of the time. as far as the question of preset radio stations go, i just use the steering wheel controls to go through them, rather than taking my eyes off the road to change channels.

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