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September 05, 2005



Solution: Use Thinstall


I'd say it depends. 10MB for Google Earth seems surprisingly small, whereas Quicktime 7 (even without iTunes) is a mind-blowing 35MB, and as you mentioned, Acrobat is far larger than you'd imagine. I'd say the file size should be in line with what people expect the app to do. A "simple" app that views PDF files should be no more than a couple megabytes at most. See the tiny Flash Player for a good example. On the other hand, a fully-featured piece of software like Picasa might be able to get away with much more.

Dan S

I work for a large consumer software company that has several million copies of our client software installed. We still find that there is a direct relationship between download size and aborted install; you see significant losses above 5 MB.

I asked a friend on the CLR team what MS's best development solution was for an app that needed to have a small footprint and widespread compatability while maintaining ease of development. After thinking about it for a minute he said, "We don't have one."

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