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July 15, 2005


Richard Gadsden

Don't agree. This is a progress indicator and it disappears when it has finished. That says "please wait" quite well. But when it fails, it's really useful to know that the InstallShield Wizard configuration failed, because that gives you a chance of fixing it.

Rich Ellis

Speaking from years of sysadmin and help desk experience... the number of users who

(1) understand the relationships between the setup program, the thing it's trying to install, and the thing they're really trying to do

(2) care


(3) are not advanced enough to be able to tell these things without reading a dialog box that's worded like a final exam in Grammar 501

...is negligible.

I used to be in favor of providing as much information to the user as humanly possible. I've learned the hard way that it's better to make the information available to those who *want* to look for it (e.g. a log file) while leaving the face of the program simple.

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