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October 26, 2006


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Jade Ohlhauser

Good article and thanks for the example pictures.

Along this line have you ever noticed you can fudge the impression of how much work has been done using demo polish? We know that with any app what you see and how much has been done aren't always related, but to the executive watching the demo they are. Just be careful, twice now I've been asked why we can't just sell the prototype.


Here is a nice project, kind of related :-)


Check out Luke Hohmann's article describing a process which he calls 'lo-fi design'.

Levent Gurses

Very informative and insightful. The pictures really helped me better visualize the content. Thank you for sharing.

Igor Jese

Great article!

Check the MockupScreens tool which does exactly that:

Also, check the "Napkin Look & Feel" skin for Java Swing applications.

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