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September 27, 2006


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You've missed something REALLY important.

Cozi asks me to DOWNLOAD something but nowhere does it tell me what it is or how it actually works. The site only has a very dumbed-down explanation.

You don't run anything on my PC unless I know what it is. You need a technical FAQ!

Carl Manaster

I like the thought you are putting into this; thank you for sharing your decision process.

Josh Yeager

This is a good point, and the product looks nice. I've got an off-topic question, though: how do you plan to make money? This seems like a product that people would be willing to pay for, but you're giving it away.

Dennis Doughty

In addition to a technical FAQ, how about some machine requirements? And about that FAQ, here are some questions:
Do I need to keep this app running all the time? On a machine connected to the internet? Can I *add* content from my mobile phone or only see it? Etc.


I don't mean to grumble about a v1 product too but I've got serious issues with the setup process. First off, you didn't give me any choice where to install the product. While it made the install simpler, I don't install programs to the program files directory. Don't force your app in there. Second, you took over my screen saver without even telling me! That was just plain rude. I really can't think of any excuse why you would do this. It reeked of RealPlayer...


Cozi looks useful. I couldn't install (probably a firewall thing), then I read the comment above about the screensaver, and suddenly I didn't want to install anyway...

Not telling me the date format to use when entering my DoB was a bit irritating (I'm not from the US).

All the above is said in the spirit of trying to make your product non-irritating and hence successful.


My wife and I looked at this this past weekend - existing feature set is interesting, but the biggest missing feature that would entice us to give it a real workout would be maintaining schedule items in an external store (we both use Outlook on our home machines and track our appointments there). Example: I add a Cozi schedule item for the family. Cozi's back-end generates a standard Outlook-compatible schedule item and sends to each email address we configure for schedule synchronization. Example 2: One of us changes the time or other information for a scheduled item that has already has a sync message sent. Cozi's back-end generates an update email and sends to the list of email addresses configured for schedule sync. Example 3: One of us deletes the schedule item on Cozi. Cozi generates cancel schedule messages and sends to sync email addresses.


That thing looks really interesting, however I have some notes on the demo tour that you provide:
1. I would like to be able to regulate speed of the demo, for not native English speaker it moves too fast.
2. Clicking next button between sections is a bit annoying

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